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Benefits of Infrared Scanning

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. Truck


E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. uses the latest camera technology from FLIR systems. Our T-Series camera captures both high accuracy infrared and visible-light images simultaneously to clearly identify the equipment being scanned.


Our infrared thermographers are certified by ITC to correctly asses the images produced by the infrared camera. Modern infrared cameras are not “point-and-shoot” devices, and require special training to operate and make accurate judgments on the condition of equipment.


Our thermographers are also certified journeyman electricians as required by Worksafe BC for removal of electrical panel covers. E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. performs all IR Scanning in accordance with the CSA Z462 requirements for Arc-Flash safety to limit the risk to our personnel, and your equipment.

Less Hassle / Lower Cost:

Many companies offering Infrared Scanning are not staffed by electricians. Any problems discovered may require a licensed electrician to be hired to fix the problem, followed by a repeat IR scan to verify the problem is solved. At E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. our electricians can often fix the problems as we encounter them, meaning less hassle, and lower costs for our clients.

Local Support:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. has been part of the community in Victoria since 1930. We are available 24 hours a day, and can be at your location within minutes of a call out. Our infrared services are a perfect addition to the quality day-to-day electrical service you may already be receiving from us.