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Overview of Marine Electrical Services

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. Truck

Marine Wiring:

We provide wiring services for upgrades, modernizations, and new construction on all classes of vessels to meet Transport Canada requirements. We offer installation of all types of marine wiring including communications and antenna cabling. We have extensive experience in Performing thru-hull and thru –bulkhead penetrations and with the construction and installation of watertight wiring installations.

Some of the systems we have expertise in include: PLC’s, shore power and transfer systems, propulsion and steering systems, reverse osmosis and desalinization plants, fire and damage monitoring systems, UPS and battery systems.

Breaker and Motor Overload Testing:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. provides breaker and motor overload trip testing for both primary and secondary injection breaker testing specifications. Our advanced test equipment allows us to produce real-time fault currents up to 1800 Amps, with digital timing circuits that enables us to accurately assess the condition of breakers, motor overload sensors, and protection trip relays.

Motor and Generator winding, overhaul, and service:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. can take on motor and generator overhaul, troubleshooting, rewinding, and replacement jobs on vessels of all classes and motors and generators of all sizes. We employ the Baker AWAIV-2 advanced winding analyzer and the Lexseco 1081H core loss tester to ensure all motors leaving our shop will give you reliable and efficient service.

Panel Meter Calibrations:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. provides traceable calibration of analogue and digital panel meters complete with calibration certification. Our digital calibration sources can accurately reproduce kilowatts, volts, current, synchronization, and frequency to prove the full range of any shipboard metering system.

Generator Loadbanking:

All generators benefit from load bank testing. Aside from being a valuable tool used for accepting new generators for service, and re-certifying rebuilt generators, load bank testing has additional benefits that go beyond proving nameplate capabilities. Benefits include burning accumulated carbon out of exhaust systems, and the opportunity to prove the functionality of governor and voltage regulator systems. E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. has two modern 150kW (300kW total) load banks that are ideally suited for testing standby, ship board, and mobile generators at full load.

Engine Controls and Transducer Calibrations:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. works on all forms of engine control and engine monitoring circuitry. We can troubleshoot problems and calibrate engine speed, temperature, and pressure transducers using our Fluke 725 process calibrator.