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Choose E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. for your Marine Electrical Service Needs


E.H. Emery Electric Ltd.’s employees are inter-provincially certified, journeyman marine electricians that are familiar with the specific codes and safety requirements that apply to marine electrical work. The safety of your vessel is increased, and the liabilities for your business are reduced, by using qualified workers.


E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. has proven experience in motor and generator required to successfully upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot marine electrical systems. Our list of marine clients include the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Coast Guard, BC Ferries, Seaspan, SNC Lavalin Defense Programs, Point Hope Maritime, and many others.

In-house Motor and Generator Shop:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. is home to the best equipped motor shop in Victoria. Our certified motor winders work on all types of rotating equipment from large shipboard generators, to small fractional horsepower pump motors. Our advanced test equipment can diagnose intermittent faults and hidden problems with motor cores and failing windings. We understand the critical applications and harsh environments that marine motors and generators are subject to and take pride in delivering quality service.

In-house Diagnostic Testing Services:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. is fully equipped, experienced, and qualified to perform testing of shipboard breakers, ground fault detection systems, and insulation systems. We have the latest test equipment to meet Transport Canada TP127E specified tests. Equipment includes multi-amp testers, Megger insulation analyzers, protection relay testers, contact resistance testers, and transformer testers.

Hour Field Service:

We come to you day or night when your vessel breaks down.