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Maintain your High Voltage Equipment

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  • Unlike the common day-to-day electrical devices found in your home or office, high voltage electrical equipment deteriorates over time from heat, contamination, and electrical stress. Regular testing and maintenance allows changing insulation values to be monitored over time, contamination to be removed, and corrective actions taken prior to failure.
  • Replacement cost of failed H.V. equipment can run into thousands, or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.
  • The lead-time in procuring new equipment can lead to production delays and lost revenue. Insurance policies may not cover losses associated with failed equipment that has not been maintained.
  • The infrequent operation of H.V. primary breakers and switches can cause them to seize shut, or operate in an unsafe manner due to lack of lubrication and corrosion.
  • The electronic sensing relays integral to primary breakers and ground fault detectors lose calibration over time and may not operate at all due to failure of their circuitry.
  • System faults and power surges can cause internal damage to equipment that may lead to failures if left undetected.