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Overview of Motor/Generator Services

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. Truck

Field Service:

E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. is unique among motor shops in offering extensive 24 hour field service to our clients. Our mobility brings our motor and generator services to your site. This eliminates the hassle and hazard associated with unqualified or inexperienced workers removing, rigging, aligning, or disconnecting motors and generators.

Motor and Generator Rewinding and Overhaul:

Our certified motor winders have the capability to troubleshoot, repair or rewind any variety of motor or generator. Rewinding is often the quickest way to get a vital piece of equipment back in service when the motor is of a unique or antiquated design. Rewinding can also be the most cost effective, and environmentally sound means of returning failed equipment to service.

Motor and Generator Preventative Maintenance:

For our municipal, military, and marine customers we offer preventative maintenance packages that aim to reduce unexpected downtime, and increase the reliability and longevity of service-aged rotating machinery. Bearing replacement, varnish renewal, insulation top-coating, solvent cleaning, and off-line diagnostic testing of motors are some of the services offered in our preventative maintenance

Advanced Motor and Generator Diagnostic Testing:

To troubleshoot intermittent faults, assess winding condition, and ensure motor efficiency after rewinding E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. employs a wide-range of specialized diagnostic equipment. Our test equipment includes the Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer, which is considered the gold standard for detecting turn-to-turn shorts, winding defects, and assessing insulation integrity. To ensure motors serviced in our shop maintain their stated efficiency, all of our rebuilds are tested for core losses using our advanced Lexseco 1081H digital core loss tester. Core losses can amount to hundreds of dollars in wasted electricity each year, and surpass the cost of a new motor. E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. is the only motor shop in Victoria equipped for this level.

Generator Load Banking:

All generators benefit from load bank testing. Aside from being a valuable tool used for accepting new generators for service, and re-certifying rebuilt generators, load bank testing has additional benefits that go beyond proving nameplate capabilities. E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. has six modern 2×150, 2×250, & 2x400kW (1,600kW total) load banks that are ideally suited for testing standby, shipboard, and mobile generators at full load.

Benefits of Annual Generator Load Bank Testing:

  • 150, 250, & 400kW Multi-Voltage Load Banks
  • Proves nameplate rating of alternator and diesel engine
  • Burns accumulated carbon out of exhaust system
  • Proves cooling system can maintain temperatures at full load
  • Identifies issues with clogged fuel filters and restricted fuel lines
  • Consumes old/stale fuel and flushes fuel system
  • Proves speed stability and governor setting
  • Provides confidence that emergency power will be available when you need it