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E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. Truck

Choose E.H. Emery Electric Ltd. for your Motor and Generator Repair Needs


E.H. Emery Electric Ltd’s motor shop employees are inter-provincially certified, journeyman motor winders. The safety of your equipment is increased, and the liabilities for your business are reduced, by using qualified workers.


Proven experience in motor and generator repair services in the marine environment, pump stations and a wide variety of rotating machinery.

24 Hour Field Service:

We come to you when your equipment breaks down.

State of the art diagnostic equipment:

Our test equipment suite includes the Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer for detecting hidden flaws in motor windings that can lead to expensive, frustrating, and difficult to trace intermittent faults.

Save money:

Our Lexseco Core Loss tester will ensure all of the motor cores that leave our shop continue to operate at their stated efficiency. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in wasted electricity.

Member of the Green Motors Practices Group:

We repair and rewind electric motors in adherence with the efficiency protocols as proscribed by this association.